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Hip Replacement Specialist

ARC Orthopedic Group

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine located in West Hills, CA

If you envision hip replacement surgery to involve a long hospital stay and a difficult recovery, it’s time to change your perspective. Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Umesh Bhagia, MD, at ARC Orthopedic Group performs advanced minimally invasive hip replacements that allow most people go home the same day, feel immediate relief from their hip pain, and can look forward to a new, long-lasting hip joint. To learn if you qualify for a hip replacement, call the office in West Hills or Thousand Oaks, California, or book an appointment online today.

Hip Replacement Q&A

When would I need a hip replacement?

Arthritis is the primary reason people need a hip replacement. When arthritis gets to an advanced stage, the disease causes extensive joint damage. 

At first, the cartilage slowly wears away. Over time, extensive cartilage loss and inflammation erode the underlying bone. At that stage, your only treatment option is a joint replacement.

Some people need a joint replacement after fracturing their hip. Though not common, you could also need a new joint if you develop osteonecrosis, a condition in which the loss of blood damages the bone.

When should I consider a hip replacement?

In addition to extensive joint degeneration, other signs that you may need a new hip include:

  • Conservative treatments no longer relieve your pain
  • Hip pain is a daily struggle
  • Joint pain keeps you away from daily activities
  • Joint pain persists when resting

Your provider at ARC Orthopedic Group talks with you about the condition of your hip and explains your treatment options. You may have a choice between a partial and complete hip replacement.

What happens during a hip replacement?

During a hip replacement, your orthopedic surgeon removes the damaged tissues and reshapes the bone to fit the new prosthetic joint components. The specific steps depend on whether you have a total or partial hip replacement:

Total hip replacement

Your orthopedic surgeon places a cup-shaped metal component in the hip socket. They remove the top of your thigh bone, which is shaped like a ball and fits into the hip socket, and replace it with a prosthetic that resembles the bone’s natural shape. Finally, they place a plastic liner in the new socket to replace cartilage.

Partial hip replacement

If you’re a candidate for a partial hip replacement, your surgeon replaces the ball at the top of your thigh but leaves the hip socket intact.

Is minimally invasive hip replacement an option?

ARC Orthopedic Group specializes in a minimally invasive procedure called anterior total hip replacement. 

Making the incision in the front of your hip (an anterior approach) allows your orthopedic surgeon to make a small incision and avoid cutting muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. The procedure causes less trauma, bleeding, and pain, which means you can recover faster.

ARC Orthopedic Group also uses advanced technology, VELYS™ Hip Navigation, to guide your hip replacement. VELYS offers a digital platform that improves surgical accuracy and precision.

The system produces real-time images of your hip during surgery, allowing your provider to personalize your surgery, properly align your hip implants, and restore joint stability and movement.

If you struggle with ongoing hip pain and want to learn more about hip replacement surgery, call ARC Orthopedic Group or request an appointment online today.